Gazette readers have their say on Covid certificates as Government review into their use continues

Would you support the introduction of coronavirus certification to facilitate the return of large-scale events and other activities?

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 10:14 am

We put the question to Northumberland Gazette readers on our Facebook page, as Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden confirmed a review – led by Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove – was underway into their potential use.

Mr Dowden said a number of things would be piloted to allow people back into events in “significant numbers” but added that no final decisions had been made.

And this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told a Commons committee that pub landlords may be allowed to set rules on Covid certificates for their own venues.

A message from the Beat Covid NE campaign, taken earlier in 2021.

Here are some of your views from the Northumberland Gazette Facebook page:

Jane Handyside: “No as it will discriminate against the younger population who hasn't even been offered their vaccine yet.”

Paul Irishpaul Temple: “Whilst I understand why such a scheme could be put in place, it couldn't be done fairly until everyone had the chance of a vaccine.”

Peter Hegney: “I’m pretty sure we’ll try anything so long as enough real thought and preparation is put into it.”

Hilary Robinson: “It will only work if they can't be bought on the internet!”

Adrian Mcrobb: “Why don't they just stamp your passport, to say you've had them?”

Ruth Turner: “No, everyone should wait until it is safe.”

Kathleen Prouse: “Anything that helps to contain this terrible virus has to be a good thing in my opinion.”

Amanda Jayne Gallagher: “Yes! For international travel. The same way other countries stipulate you have vaccines before you enter.

"To protect business from losing money if they have a Covid outbreak through no fault of their own.

"To enable the majority of the population to attend events such as sport, music etc and feel safe.”

David PD: “It is a personal choice (whether people agree or not) to be vaccinated and this kind of pressure can lead to people being discriminated against.

"A negative test result is one thing, but a vaccination is a more personal issue I think.”

Michael Hindmarsh: “As long as every person who qualifies has had the opportunity to take the vaccination, then I would fully support a Covid certificate.

“The health of the nation should not depend on a minority of the population.”

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