DECLINE: Time for a people’s forum

Let’s stop papering over the cracks and face up to the fact that Alnwick is, if not dying, in serious decline.

Friday, 15th March 2019, 5:00 am

I’m not Alnwick born and bred, but I have lived in the town for going on 50 years and have seen Alnwick at its best.

But not now. The once vibrant, busy town is now sad and run down. Empty properties dominate the streets, as do charity shops and estate agents.

However, the biggest tragedy in Alnwick now is the lack of people on the streets. My wife and I are down the street most days and are saddened by how quiet the town has become.

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I don’t think any retail expert or councillor can fix Alnwick, but what might help would be a people’s forum where the people could put their views and ideas before the council as to how to rejuvenate our town.

Now that the better weather is coming, the town will become busier with visitors, but they are not here year-round and a lot of visitors to the Alnwick Garden don’t come into the town.

My wife is Alnwick born and bred and feels stronger about the town than I do.

Tony and Helen Bowie,

Glovers Green,