CUTS: Taking from those with less

Well happy 2019, let’s hope things improve.

Sunday, 27th January 2019, 10:30 am

While watching TV, how sad it was to see only about 20 politicians turn up to debate poverty in our country.

This shows little interest from those who represent us for really important issues that are on our own doorstep, but if that had been about aid for other countries I think it would probably have been full to the rafters.

We spent, rightly, the last two or more years commending our heroes from the First and Second World Wars.

Many of the war veterans are still amongst us, also from the smaller conflicts in Korea, Malaya, Aden, Egypt, Cyprus and Belfast, and so on. The MPs were standing up for this.

Then before the dust settles on this, our Government of the day is talking about taking from such folks their free TV licences, or reducing the value of bus passes.

Surely, we can’t be in such dire straits to take the pleasure of such things from those who may be housebound, some of whom have their TV as their lifeline.

Then there are those with no care who rely on local bus services. Why take from those with less?

As folk are living longer, maybe someone who agrees with this can explain why taking these simple pleasures away from those who have worked all their lives, paid their dues and served their country in many ways is going to make this a better place.

It’s an easy decision to make when you are sitting cosy, with no worries about how to make ends meet.

I know it’s only talk at this time, but as they say, no smoke without fire.

Hopefully our MP shall fight our corner if it comes to fruition.

Dougie Hedley,