CUTS: Do not suffer in silence

I was absolutely shocked and sickened following the publication of a Freedom of Information request made of Northumberland County Council which shone a light on a truly shameful situation, not only across the county, but specifically in Alnwick too.

Sunday, 10th March 2019, 5:00 am

Alnwick’s Conservative county councillors both voted to cut council tax support for some of the most vulnerable residents as part of the Tory administration’s plans to ‘reduce council costs’, while also agreeing to pay the legal fees of Conservative colleagues who are being taken to court, all with public taxpayers’ money.

According to the figures, both of these Alnwick councillors have decided to vote in favour of this cut, despite knowing that 422 of the residents they are supposed to represent will lose significant financial support, with 105 of these being registered disabled, 150 being families with children, and 220 being single women. These figures are for Alnwick alone.

On a county-wide level, well over 15,000 people will be the target of this cut, further damaging the quality of life of our most vulnerable residents.

I would like to encourage any resident who is concerned about these cuts affecting themselves, a family member or a friend to get in touch as soon as possible by emailing [email protected] I will do my best to direct you to the best source of help.

With council tax debts being a contributing factor to many cases of homelessness and increased food bank usage, I implore you not to suffer in silence – please seek help.

James Matthewson,

Chairman, Alnwick Branch Labour Party