FARMING: New rules regarding going the EU with your pets

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pet dog
With the arrival of the new year and with coronavirus cases increasing once more, at Alnorthumbria we have been busy adapting protocols again to make sure that we are still able to see our patients in a way that is both safe for us and their owners.

Another advancement we have been getting to grips with are the new rules on movement of animals now that we are no longer an EU member state.

Previously, under the EU Pet Travel Scheme owners could travel with their pet dogs, cats and ferrets using an EU pet passport. Having left the EU, pet passports can no longer be issued in Great Britain and to travel with your pets from Great Britain to the EU and Northern Ireland an Animal Health Certificate is now required. This certificate granted by an official veterinarian is valid for entry to the EU for 10 days after the date of issue and may be used for four months of onward travel within the EU or to re-enter the UK within this fiur month period. A new AHC is required for each trip to the EU or Northern Ireland.

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As well as an Animal Health Certificate, the following requirements must also be met: a microchip, vaccination against rabies with up to date vaccination boosters, and a waiting period of at least 21 days after the primary rabies vaccination before travel. Dogs travelling to EU-listed tapeworm-free countries, including Northern Ireland, Finland, Malta and Ireland, must be treated for tapeworm prior to travel.

Before travelling with your pet, leave plenty of time to ensure that these requirements can all be met.

When an appointment is made with us for an Animal Health Certificate to be issued we will request that you bring all relevant documentation for your pet, including proof of all vaccinations and microchip details. We will also require addresses of your destination and where you will be staying at en route. By giving us plenty of notice we can ensure that paperwork is completed properly and prevent any problems when you enter the EU with your pet.

If you are planning to leave the UK and will require an Animal Health Certificate please call any of our branches either to book an appointment or with any queries you may have about the new system.

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Similar new rules have also been introduced for the movement of livestock and equines to the EU, including Ireland and Northern Ireland. We too are just getting used to the new rules and they vary depending on what is being transported and to where. If you plan on moving any livestock or equines abroad call us ASAP in advance in order to ensure all the correct paperwork and inspections have been carried out.