FARMING: It shouldn’t happen to a vet – part 1

Charles smashed the glass jar off the radiator.Charles smashed the glass jar off the radiator.
Charles smashed the glass jar off the radiator.
After living solo for a few years, getting to grips with being a vet I decided it was time for an animal companion.

I grew up in a family of cat lovers and the dream was of a friendly feline all of my own to dote on. It would love me just as much as I would love it.

Adoption was always the way for me and so I look a trip to B.A.R.K in Berwick. This is where I met, and instantly fell in love with Charles, the geriatric, overweight, grumpy domestic short haired cat. After a week it became very apparent why Charles was a chunk, his love for food could only be rivalled by that of the greediest of Labradors.

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As he settled in his personality also started to shine through; Charles does what he wants when he wants to do it and I am his faithful servant. A similar relationship to Voldermort and Peter Petigrew for the Harry Potter fans.

One Sunday morning I was abruptly woken at 6am by a loud crashing noise from the living room; was it a break in or perhaps a poltergeist? I froze, mobile in hand ready to call the police.

In fact, it was neither, The Dark Lord AKA Charles decided the hour to wait for breakfast was too long. How could I have the audacity to withhold food from my master?

In his desperation for nourishment Charles did what any cat would do and helped himself to a few treats.

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Unfortunately, he is not aware of his size. An average size cat would have been in and out like a ghost in the night but not Charles. Upon realising his head was the right size for entry to the jar but the wrong size for exit he panicked, smashing the glass jar off the radiator. He was left with a spiky glass collar and a very bad mood!

It quickly became obvious that the jar was stuck fast. So, on my “not on call” Sunday I set off to work. Charles was sedated for his and our own safety and the jar was removed with the help of the hefty cutters borrowed from our farm department.

Unbelievably Charles came away from the whole experience completely unhurt with not a scratch on him… the same can’t be said for the jar! I would love to say he learned his lesson but alas I know all too well that given the opportunity he would do it again.

So, for everyone who is embarrassed by their pets’ unruly behaviours please find some comfort in the knowledge that staff pets are just as badly behaved if not worse!

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About Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group: Our Alnwick clinic is an RCVS accredited Small Animal General Practice and Farm Animal General Practice, welcoming dogs, cats, birds, exotics, poultry, small mammals, cattle, deer, equine, pigs, sheep, goats and camelids.

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