COMMENT: Rare chink of light in Covid-19 gloom

Rather than cooling down over time, things are heating up due to sudden rise in coronavirus cases.

Thursday, 15th October 2020, 12:00 am
Kooked North founder Laura Hardy-Rochester, pictured with her grandma, Marjorie Tait, on her wedding day.

As we reveal today, Northumberland County Council chief Glen Sanderson is getting particularly hot under the collar amid fears of further lockdown restrictions on the horizon.

The hit to the local economy prompted the council leader to declare: “We are at a difficult stage, we know we are in tier two now and I think that is quite sufficient for us in Northumberland, they are tough enough already.”

There will be many in the community who feel the same as lockdown begins to bite.

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Looking for chinks of light in this coronavirus gloom can prove a thankless task at times, which is why we are delighted to report some positive news today. Given all the heat generated, it’s not surprising to find one entrepreneurial resident cooking up a great business idea.

Food stylist and chef Laura Hardy-Rochester was providing home-cooked dishes for her 89-year-old grandma, Marjorie Tait, when coronavirus hit, and now she’s turned it into a growing business.

So successful is it, that she’s now turning out some 350 meals per week!

“All of a sudden everywhere closed and because I was self-employed there was no furlough so I quickly realised I needed to do something,” explained Laura.

They say every good deed deserves another, and that’s certainly the case with Laura. She’s now cooking up a storm. Well done!