COMMENT: Big Conversation is a revealing talking point

We’re barely within sight of the end of October and already we’re talking about Christmas!

Thursday, 22nd October 2020, 12:00 am
Families will be feeling the pinch this Christmas.

The Big Conversation with Gazette readers, which we publish today, reveals that Christmas has been preying on people’s minds. Little wonder, given the uncertain future we all face, particularly when it comes to funding the notoriously expensive festive period.

We asked people whether COVID-19 had impacted their thoughts about Christmas finances and more than four in 10 said they would be spending less on festivities this year.

Rather than Scrooge-like approach to parting with cash, (our survey also reveals that the majority want to make this most of Christmas) this is a real concern about how ordinary families are going to make ends meet. There are some tough months ahead.

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The Big Conversation survey has looked at a range of issues surrounding the pandemic, including changes to personal lives, travel habits, health, employment, local life and fears and hopes for the post-pandemic world.

It’s a litmus test of life under coronavirus but also helps people understand how others in the community feel.

If you’re worrying about Christmas and finances in general, you are not alone.

Nationally, over half of respondents have become more thrifty since the pandemic began, with 54.87% saying they’ve cut back on spending.

It’s a revealing survey but one in which we hope people take some comfort in knowing we’re all in this together.