CHARITY: Grateful for generosity

Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline is a charity that funds and organises visits for Belarusian and Ukrainian children to the UK to stay with host families for temporary, recuperative care.

The children come from areas of Belarus contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

They stay for four weeks and have many visits around Northumberland and medical care. Bringing them here can reduce the toxin levels in their body by 40 per cent.

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Last week the host families took the children on a Farne Islands boat trip, followed by fish, chips and ice cream at the Pinnacles Restaurant in Seahouses.

The children wear hoodies and hats for easy identification. While paying at the till, my wife was approached by a lady who had noticed the hoodies and asked if these children were from the Chernobyl charity. On hearing that they were she asked if she could pay the lunch bill, which she did. This was not a small amount as there were 12 of us.

On behalf of the charity, I would like to thank this lady, whoever you are.

To be born into a situation not of their making has given these children an unimaginable burden to bear.

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Such generous behaviour gives us all affirmation in the work we do.

We are grateful to her and the many others who have given up their time and resources to make such visits possible.

Andrew Lobb,