CAUSEWAY: Images could show dangers

I noted the picture of the partially submerged van on Holy Island causeway on your front page (Northumberland Gazette, March 28).

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 4th April 2019, 9:16 am
Updated Thursday, 4th April 2019, 9:19 am

I’m aware that several attempts have been made over the years to discourage drivers from trying to run the gauntlet of the tide, but still people persist.

I understand the calls for fines and gates to stop, or at least reduce, the frequency of this occurrence, but neither is likely to happen any time soon due to cost and/or bureaucracy.

Might I suggest an option which would help in the short-term at least and overcome the language problem?

Your photo was quite dramatic. If a large print of this image, preferably in colour, was prominently displayed at either end of the causeway it would have more effect than current (no pun intended) arrangements.

I’m sure the RNLI will have many other examples in its archives to illustrate the danger and the frequency if they were clearly dated.

I don’t think this would be hugely expensive, but it still leaves the question of who pays?

I don’t have a magic answer, but there are several parties who have an interest, such as Northumberland County Council and Visit Northumberland. Perhaps local businesses would sponsor them in return for an advertising space?

This would hopefully reduce the demand on the RNLI, which has better things to do.

The only downside is you should have less photos of this type for your front page.

Colin Davidson,

Belle Vue Gardens,