'Bring on the gin' - Gazette readers share their views on health impact of Dry January

Annual public health campaign Dry January has come to an end for another year.

Saturday, 1st February 2020, 3:18 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd February 2020, 11:52 am

In our daily Facebook poll, we asked Gazette readers who had taken part in Dry January if they felt the initiative had made much of a difference to their health.

More than 540 people took part in the vote, with 83% answering no.

On social media, some readers shared their experiences of taking part in Dry January.

Others questioned the value of the initiative and whether or not there was a better alternative to the challenge.

Here is how you reacted on our social media pages:

Valerie Payne: “Pleased it's February 1, bring on the gin!”

Tony Shaw: “If you struggle going without a drink you are an addict. Just happen to be addicted to a substance that the Government can tax.”

Readers have been sharing their views on Dry January. Picture: Pixabay.

Tony Isles: “Worst time of year anyway for pubs. Drink-free days are a better alternative than dry months.”

Trevor Parkin: “Has to my pocket.”

Gary Dunmore: “Being sober for all of January, the darkest, most depressing month of the year, is enough to drive people to alcoholism in February.”

Julie Ann Sparrow: “I have tried many times over the years and finally achieved it. I didn't drink excessively but I do feel like most people I over indulged at Christmas so what better time for a detox.”

Have you taken part in Dry January this year? Picture: Pixabay.

Graham Longfils: “For most of us, it is entirely irrelevant to our well being. For some it may be an important action to take.”