BRIDGE: A hazard to pedestrians

I would like to draw attention to the metal bridge area at the lower end of Bridge Street, Alnwick, which used to be over the railway.

Thursday, 14th March 2019, 8:44 am
Updated Thursday, 14th March 2019, 8:48 am

All through the winter it has been a hazard for all who use it, but most importantly, to the mums and children who use it on a daily basis to get to school.

It’s full of dead leaves and most times a big pool of water takes over three-quarters of the road. I stood in a queue with children, mums and those heading for hospital as, because of the water, access was only two at a time.

A batch of tar may fill the drained pool and eliminate that, with the slurry mess on the children, dressed in lovely clean uniforms – such a shame.

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No one seems to claim it or have any responsibility to keep it clean. Given the state it’s in, I would not want to own up to it either. Disgraceful.

Maybe if one of the bollards at each end were hinged to lower or to lift out it would allow the sweeper to get in. Who plans these things? It seems to be with little thought or common sense.

With the dry days it has very slightly improved, as it would during school holidays.

On behalf of the mums and children, plus those others that use it, could we have a hero to come forward to claim it as theirs and bring it up to standards expected for 2109? I know it’s not much on the tourist route, but it is used by council taxpayers, so any takers please?

If some of our councillors had a walk there I am sure they would very soon want to draw attention to it.

Watch this space.

Dougie Hedley,

Swansfield Park Road,