BREXIT: We’ve become laughing stock

We have now had two consecutive Conservative Prime Ministers who, I believe, have made serious mistakes that have put the UK at risk.

Sunday, 7th April 2019, 11:30 am

First, David Cameron went for a referendum, in my view not for the sake of the country, but to solve a problem in his own party. He has left the country divided almost 50/50 and the amount of hostility this act has generated is unbelievable.

Next, Theresa May tried to negotiate with the EU on her own instead of setting up cross-party working groups nearly three years ago.

Now Parliament is in chaos. We have returned from another European country recently where we found that the British Parliament is the laughing stock of Europe.

Perhaps all this could have been avoided if ‘Lone Ranger’ May had involved all of Parliament from the start.

It appears that some of the people who have given Mrs May the headaches are the European Research Group (ERG). This group has helped to bring us close to either a no deal exit, no exit, or even a general election.

I understand that our MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan is a supporter of this group. And yet in last week’s Gazette Mrs Trevelyan assured us: “I will continue to vote to deliver the best Brexit for our country for the long-term.” (I confess I never read her articles and can only quote your headline).

The country is now even more divided.

And you wonder why people don’t trust our politicians?

MJ Tuckwell,

Farriers Rise,