BREXIT: Surely we need to think again

While the Brexit shambles inflicted on us by the Tories staggers on, I wondered what our MP is doing to represent us.

Saturday, 30th March 2019, 5:00 am

Judging by her media appearances, she is a member of the European Research Group (ERG).

This group, chaired by Jacob Rees Mogg, is lobbying for a no-deal Brexit. It has been criticised for using taxpayers’ money to fund its activities.

It is blocking Theresa May’s deal and attempting to bring about a Brexit without a withdrawal agreement. Members argue this would allow the UK to operate as a free agent in world trade, making our own trade deals and lowering prices by reducing import tariffs.

This would be fine for rich financiers, but for the rest of us would cause real problems. Economist Patrick Minford admits that zero tariffs would decimate our agriculture and manufacturing, a double blow for Northumberland and the North East.

It also risks a breakdown of the peace settlement in Ireland, and eroding environmental and worker safeguards.

So why is our MP supporting this?

By contrast, at the weekend one million people from all corners and communities of the UK marched peacefully through London calling for people to have another vote on Brexit. Their patience, wit and good humour exemplified the true British values, by contrast to the aggressive tone of much of the Brexit debate.

Special mention to Anna Soubry, former Tory MP who has been sickened by the ERG’s hard-line tactics and has faced terrible abuse and death threats. The night before attending the march she was unable to stay in her own home because of threats to her life, but bravely carried on in true British style.

One million on the People’s March, five million and rising petitioning for Article 50 to be revoked, the nation’s politics increasingly a laughing stock, surely we need a democratic opportunity to think again about the Brexit fiasco?

Rob Jewitt,

Lesbury Road,