Big poll majority 'not put off' Balearic holidays by pub crawl curbs

Spanish resorts including Magaluf and Ibiza are cracking down on alcohol-fuelled holidays.

Tuesday, 21st January 2020, 6:00 am
New laws in the Balearics are aimed at cracking down on pub crawls and binge drinking.

The regional government in Spain’s Balearic Islands has passed a law banning the organisation and promotion of pub crawls, and public promotion of alcohol sales with “open bars” and “happy hours”.

It’s no secret that some people prefer a hedonistic time abroad. And so we asked in our Facebook poll: “Does this put you off going on holiday there?”

The result was quite emphatic. At the time of writing 437 people had voted, with 15% saying yes, 85% no.

Some of the comments we received included the following:

Richard Abbott-Brailey is all in favour of the new laws, saying: “The fewer drunken idiots there are vomiting and rolling in the streets, the better the holiday experience will be for others.”

Caz Rae said: “Brilliant idea, and about time. If I wanted to drink I'd do it at home.

"I go on holiday to relax and soak up the traditions and the culture of the country; not to see boards advertising drinks.”

Matthew Spears thinks: “It’s the cap of six drinks per day in all Inclusive hotels that will likely put a lot people off.

Gary Ablett said: “Never been abroad, but if I did I’d love to do a pub crawl, so hopefully the ban gets overturned.”

Dave Calvert’s thoughts were: “No, We voted for Brexit. I'm not going to foreign places. Leave means leave.”