ASBESTOS: Extend scheme to all involved

Thousands of people in industrial towns up and down the country were exposed to asbestos by their employers when they should not have been, and they are now sick or dying because of this negligence.

Sunday, 14th April 2019, 11:30 am

That is why, five years ago this month, a fund of last resort was established to compensate sufferers of one particular fatal workplace lung cancer – mesothelioma.

This scheme helps the sick and dying victims to receive the justice they desperately need when all other avenues are closed to them.

This scheme is a step in the right direction, but hundreds more people with other asbestos diseases are left without justice.

These people have also worked their whole lives, only to reach retirement and be struck down because of asbestos.

They are then blocked from a scheme designed to help because they do not have the right type of asbestos-related disease.

Countless people will already have died without recompense. This cannot continue.

This Global Asbestos Awareness Week, we are calling for the scheme to be extended to help all workers suffering from all asbestos-related diseases.

Brett Dixon,

President, The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers