OPINION: The scourge of the dog-poo bags

A bag of dog poo left on a gatepost on the St Oswald's Way on the Northumberland coast.
A bag of dog poo left on a gatepost on the St Oswald's Way on the Northumberland coast.

Ya knaa what it is? I’m boiled!

Why do dog owners leave bags of their pet’s poo scattered about the countryside? I really can’t fathom it.

I have worked out the mentality of those irresponsible people who ignore the fact that their pooches are depositing a foul mess on the pavement, footpath or beach and leave it for you or I to tread in.

They are wholly thoughtless and anti-social and the numskulls should be caught, fined on the spot or named and shamed through the court system, whatever it takes for them to realise the effect of their disgraceful behaviour.

The issue is a straighforward one of selfishness and ignorance.

But quite why some dog owners take the trouble to clear up the mess, then leave the bag or toss it into the nearest hedgerow is beyond me.

To me, it’s as offensive, if not worse, than not bothering to scoop the poop in the first place. At least a good downpour and a few slugs or snails will sort out the offending pile.

But that little plastic sack of excrement, neatly tied at the top, will still be there this time next year, unless someone else more caring picks it up. The bag is generally not biodegradable and, if it is, what is the point of bagging it?

If you are going to perform the smelly and caring task of putting the poop in a bag, why not take it home or place it in the nearest bin? It’s that simple.

This rant has been sparked by my walk along the Northumberland coastal path yesterday, on which I spotted a pleasant purple bag containing faeces sitting on top of a gatepost used to mark the St Oswald’s Way, which was only a few paces from a pink bag with a similar cargo. A couple of the more common black variety followed. Simply disgusting.

As there is a recognisable habit among some dog owners of leaving their deposits to be collected on the way back, I popped along again this morning to check. But they were still there, just as offensive as before.

Can anyone explain this phenomenon to me?