Opinion split over seat call

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Calls to install a seat at a bus stop near Oaky Balks have split opinion at Alnwick Town Council, with claims that it would set a precedent.

Coun Rachael Roberts said she had received a request from a resident who had difficulty standing for long periods of time.

“People might be put off using the bus if they have to stand and wait,” she said. “The bench could also be used by other people, as it’s quite a long stretch to walk without having a place to stop and rest.”

Coun Martin Harrington said: “There’s an old people’s home just down the road. To have a seat or bench is not going to cost a fortune.”

But Coun Geoff Watson said: “I’m not sure if we should be creating a precedent by putting one there. The same could be said of any bus stop in Alnwick.”

Coun Bill Grisdale said: “I hope it doesn’t attract gangs of old people hanging around doing their crocheting.”

It was agreed to consult locally before making a decision.