OPINION: New study is welcome in a bid to aid A697 safety

The scene of Friday's two-vehicle crash on the A697.
The scene of Friday's two-vehicle crash on the A697.

News of a commissioned study to explore the dangers of the A697 and suggest possible safety features can only be a good thing.

The road has frequently hit the headlines over the last few years, but for all of the wrong reasons.

Far too many families’ lives have been ruined because of accidents along this rural A-class road.

The A697 certainly does come with its hazards. It is a 60mph, single-carriageway road with tight bends, agricultural traffic and junctions – yet it is one of the major routes linking England with Scotland.

People who do not know the road may not expect to encounter such issues.

Then there is the argument that the inadequacies of the A1 north of Morpeth is sending more and more traffic along the A697 – a road which, perhaps, is not suitable for such volumes of traffic.

It will be interesting to see what findings the commissioned report makes, but here’s to hoping that something can be done to improve the road’s safety, before there is another tragedy.