Opinion is mixed over calls for traffic lights on A1068

The crossing point on the A1068. Hadston is to the right, while Druridge Bay Country Park is to the left.
The crossing point on the A1068. Hadston is to the right, while Druridge Bay Country Park is to the left.

A call for traffic lights to be installed along a busy stretch of road to make it safer for children to cross has sparked debate, with some readers in favour, but others branding it ‘stupid’ and a ‘waste of time’.

Some commentators believe an underpass or bridge would be a better option, while one resident has even suggested the A1068 between Amble and Widdrington be transformed into a dual carriageway.

It comes after East Chevington Parish councillor Rev Sue Reilly wondered if a pelican crossing could be placed at the crossing point which has Hadston on one side and Druridge Bay Country Park on the other.

The parish council said it would write to Northumberland County Council about the issue, which has since caused discussion among Gazette readers.

On our Facebook page, Rosanna Shanks said; “This should have happened years ago. That road is far too dangerous when crossing it.”

However, Stu Haddow suggested: “A subway or bridge would be the ideal solution. A pelican crossing on a 60mph main road wouldn’t work, unless the limit was reduced.”

On our website, Ray Barclay said: “An underpass would be best. It’s not a good place to cross. But it would probably cost too much.”

In an email to the Gazette , Michael Butler wrote: ‘To put a pelican crossing on a 60 mph road is stupid. Can you imagine the amount of drivers travelling at 60mph who see a red light – would they panic and emergency brake, not see the lights/crossing until it’s too late or accelerate as the lights change to try to race them?

‘I think the road from Amble to Widdrington should be a dual carriageway, which would provide appropriate safety measures.’

There is an underpass further along the A1068 and Druridge Bay ward member Coun Scott Dickinson said ‘an under-the-road solution’ could be the best option, but ‘it will need to be costed/looked at’. He doesn’t think a pelican crossing would be ‘appropriate or in line with highways legislation’.

He will take on the issue and work with the parish council. “It’s important a suitable solution is found,” he said.