OPINION: Garden vandals spark outrage

Craig Weir with the plants that have been uprooted in Amble Town Square.
Craig Weir with the plants that have been uprooted in Amble Town Square.

Wanted: The person(s) responsible for wilful destruction in the Memorial Gardens at Amble Town Square.

Uprooted – a tree and some bushes, just planted at the side of Lawson Street, which was being used as a short-cut to the town - saving about 15 seconds on the journey, instead of using the Lane.

Over the past few years a small group of willing volunteers has been working to restore the neglected gardens in the Town Square.

Blocking off the unauthorised access from Lawson Street with plants, as a deterrent to those too lazy to pass along the lane, was done to prevent the flower beds, now getting to a reasonable state, from further damage.

What kind of person(s) would do this?

Does it really impress your friends? Does it make you feel good - pulling up and throwing plants around!

Do you have the courage to come forward and make amends by helping out as there’s still plenty to do?

Do you want a well-kept Town Square and Memorial Gardens which give you a sense of pride?

Are you, like our small group, disgusted by this kind of action?

If you know anything, please tell us.

There isn’t any public money out there for this work - or even that vastly overused word ‘they’ to do it- but there are a small number of people who want to have a beautiful town working hard.

We won’t be deterred, but it’s so sad that some mindless individuals can only get joy from destruction.

Let’s hope that none of them have a relative inscribed on the Memorial – those brave men who gave their lives so that they can carry out this sort of vandalism would be insulted and ashamed to be associated with them.