Opinion divided over ways to control speed

The Wynd, Amble
The Wynd, Amble

Drivers should be made aware when a temporary speed camera is in use on the outskirts of Amble, a town councillor has claimed – but his view has divided opinion.

The issue of speeding on The Wynd was discussed at Thursday’s meeting, following a complaint by a Monkseaton resident who was caught doing 35mph in a 30mph zone by the device.

The disgruntled driver described the siting of an occasional camera on this stretch, which is just prior to the 60mph section of road between Amble and Warkworth as ‘perverse’.

Coun Sam Palin said: “It’s a speed trap in the true sense of the word. The police need to convince people that it’s for road safety and not revenue-raising purposes. They could have signs up saying ‘speed cameras in use’.”

Coun Robert Arckless said he ‘took objection’ to the suggestion that it was a money-making scheme by the police. He said he was aware of the site’s history, which has seen fatalities in the past, and he and Coun Jeff Watson had tried to get a permanent camera there, but the site did not meet the criteria.

Coun Leslie Bilboe said the camera should operate at nighttime. Another suggestion was to reduce the speed between Amble/Warkworth to 50mph.