On a mission to inspire

A TEAM of young people from Alnwick’s Duchess’s Community High School have become Young Ambassadors as part of the 2012 London Olympics.

The ambassador programme was launched to inspire people around the country to get involved in sport and London 2012. The young people chosen are charged with encouraging others to become involved in the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and to take up sport, exercise and healthy eating.

Young ambassadors from the high school are Josh Briggs, Callum Batey, Chris Wiggins, Jack Convery, James Hume, Rosie Murton, and Holly Mackenley.

Franki Clark, from Northumberland School Games, said: “The Young Ambassador Programme is a great opportunity for students in the DCHS Leadership Academy to work as a team and also to work with students from other schools to promote the forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“It is also a vehicle for the local school sport organising committee to be involved in competitions leading up to the Northumberland School Games, which is planned to be an annual event and is intended to be a legacy games for schools from years three to Year 13.”

Chris said: “I can’t wait until the torch arrives in Alnwick, we have lots planned in the week running up to its stay and look forward to working with students from middle schools at archery and fencing events at Alnwick Castle.”

Holly, the Platinum Young Ambassador for DCHS, added: “We are excited about being involved in the running of the inaugural School Games on July 6.”

She said she feels proud to be part of something that will leave a legacy of the London Games.

Last week at Glendale Middle School, students from Berwick Academy and DCHS led workshops for 20 Year 8 students and trained them to become Young Ambassadors.