Olympic spirit set to music for choirs

SCHOOLCHILDREN from across Alnwick will come together to sing about the Olympic spirit – including a song with lyrics written by two of the youngsters involved.

A choir combining five separate groups from five Alnwick schools will perform in the Market Place as part of the Festival of Alnwick on Thursday, June 14.

There will be a repeat performance at the festival’s closing ceremony in The Alnwick Garden on the Friday night.

The schools involved are Alnwick South First School, St Michael’s First School, St Paul’s First and Middle Schools, the Duke’s Middle School and Lindisfarne Middle School.

And the organiser, Peter Brown, visited each of the schools to ask the children to come up with their own lyrics celebrating the Olympics.

He selected the entries from Abby Wilson and Rowan Sim, both from the Duke’s school, combined the lyrics, put them to music and the song – The Colours of Pride – will be one of the three performed by the choir.

The other two are entitled Give It Everything You’ve Got, which is about trying your best, and Dreamer, about living your dreams.

An Alnwick South pupil, Charlotte Walton, wrote a story rather than lyrics, about the Alnwick Lion meeting the Great Britain Lion and this will be read out as part of the performances.

Peter said that it had been great working with the children as they are ‘full of enthusiasm’.

“It will be very interesting putting the five choirs together because I don’t think they had done anything like it before, and we won’t be doing it until the week of the performances,” he added.