Officials check water levels as Northumberland recovers

Waves crashing at Amble during the tidal surge.
Waves crashing at Amble during the tidal surge.

Police and local authority staff have been out working with the Environment Agency this morning and carrying out checks on water levels in the region.

They say early indications are that this morning’s tidal surge levels are less than yesterday’s and they aren’t causing any major problems or issues for the public.

There is still the chance that there could be localised flooding in some areas and so extra officers will remain out in affected communities throughout the day.

There are no reported road closures at this time and motor patrols officers will be out on the roads ensuring the networks remain open and clear for motorists.

There are no reported problems or issues with any of the bus, rail or ferry networks in the area.

People are reminded that there will be a second high tide this evening and although not anticipated to cause problems, there is still the potential for flooding.