OBSTRUCTION: Don’t block the dropped kerbs

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Please could I bring the following problem to the attention of those drivers who constantly park on dropped kerbs? This is particularly bad in Alnwick.

Many people with disabilities need those places to cross the road, as do parents with buggies.

Yet, for four years now I have asked the council to repaint the ‘Keep Clear’ markings on the Baileys side of Bondgate Within, without success. They were removed during roadworks.

No one ever seems to block the other side, near Iceland.

Astoundingly, I have seen that some of the offenders are drivers with blue badges, who you would think had a little more sympathy for those who need the dropped kerb to cross. They have no excuse for not knowing this as my husband’s blue badge came with an instruction book.

At least now the traffic wardens have the power to book anyone obstructing the kerbs – a blue badge does not allow you to cause an obstruction to traffic, which includes foot traffic, and some of our friends who use mobility scooters have found themselves unable to cross the road.

There is a similar problem further down, near Thomas Cook’s.

Please people, play fair and don’t obstruct the crossing places for those who need the dropped kerb.

Catherine Davies,