Objections to conversion proposals

A planning application to turn a former Belford shop into residential accommodation has sparked objections.

The scheme, submitted by Mr and Mrs Hennessy, from Thurlstone, Sheffield, is to convert 16 High Street into a three bedroom house.

As part of the bid, amendments would be made to the frontage to match the neighbouring property, as well as making internal alterations.

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The application has prompted concern, with those against disappointed at the potential loss of retail space.

Belford is in the Bamburgh ward of county councillor Guy Renner-Thompson, who expressed his dismay at the plans for ‘Marjorie McDonald’s old shop – Hobby Horse/Creators Collective’.

Writing on his councillor’s Facebook page, he said: ‘The shop is one of the last on the street and we must preserve as many viable shops on the High Street as possible. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. I have formally objected.’

His post prompted a string of people to comment with similar views, with one saying: ‘The High Street needs to keep as many shops as possible. If not, the heart of the village will disappear completely and that will be a very sad day for the village. We don’t need anymore houses/holiday houses on the High Street.’

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A resident objection has also been submitted online to the county council. The objector, Alan Connolly, writes: ‘Yet again we see the demise of another shop on the High Street, which I believe is to be converted into another holiday let.’

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