OBESITY: Need to get people moving

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The news that one in three teenagers is overweight shows that we need to be doing more to encourage children to be physically active if we’re going to protect their health and the future of our health service.

We’re in the middle on an obesity crisis. One in five 14-year-olds is obese. By the time children leave primary school, one in three is obese or overweight.

It’s not just about eating better, but about moving more. Medical experts advise that children are active for at least 60 minutes a day, but just a fifth achieves this.

The walk to school is an easy way to add more active minutes and ensures children develop healthy habits for life.

We need to get people out of their cars to reduce vehicle dominance and make our streets safer. The way to achieve this is through behaviour change initiatives and safe walking routes.

Steve Chambers,

Living Streets Policy and Research Coordinator