Now the best of friends

Star and Max.
Star and Max.

This week’s featured dogs are now the best of friends, although to begin with this seemed an unlikely scenario.

Stephen Wylie, from SHAK, this year’s Jam Jar Army beneficiary, said: “Some dogs come into SHAK from environments where they have had such a tough time that they are quiet and subdued. Other dogs show their fear by aggressive behaviour.

“When Star arrived she was absolutely terrified and was severely dog-aggressive.

“It took over two months before we could even stroke her and I can still see her frantically trying to get at other dogs as they passed her in the farmyard.

“However, after some nice walks with other dogs and a bit of patience, this week was a big test for Star as she went off lead with Max for the first time – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“She solicited all the play, and simply loved being allowed the freedom to be with another dog and as I watch these two playing together now they fill me with joy and pride.

“A few months ago, this lovely, scared girl was booked into the vets to be destroyed, but giving her time and stimulation has turned her life around. She is absolutely amazing.”

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