Nothing local about this

Tourism matters for Alnwick, but apparently not to Alnwick TIC.

This isn’t a complaint about the staff at Alnwick TIC who are excellent, but it is a complaint about the ridiculous bureaucracy they have to work within.

My complaint is regarding the ridiculous telephone system some idiot at County Hall has imposed on them.

To contact Alnwick TIC now you have to ring the Morpeth code so if you are in Alnwick you can no longer ring the short number. The number/s you have to ring are 01670 622152.

If you ring this number you will more than likely be met with an insane voicemail message in three different voices asking you to leave a message after the tone.

The main voice alone is enough to send shivers up your spine and is a put-off to anyone who might wait long enough to leave a message.

The second number is one digit different and is 01670 622153. There are two voices on this number and again the spine-tingling Hammer House voice with its pedantic instructions.

After a long wait you get to leave your message. Do you then get someone ringing you back in quick time? The answer is no.

So when do they reply to the query you have about a local taxi or bus or B&B for that day/night?

This service is absolutely useless and should be removed immediately because it isn’t a service. Hopefully someone at County Hall will see this letter and take immediate action. That is immediate action, County Hall, not evasive action.

Bruce Hewison,

Chairman, Alnwick Tourism Association,

(Volunteer worker for tourism)