Northumbria Club, October meeting

The Northumbria Club held its latest meeting at the Oriental Club which for the first time included five lady prospective members.

David Watt, FRGS CGeog, was the after dinner speaker who gave an interesting talk entitled Clawhammer coats – Newcastle Central and the Ordnance Survey.

David managed to make a link between these three seemingly disparate topics in a novel way which also involved Windsor Castle.

The link being David passion for unusual jacket linings, in this case the lining of a clawhammer coat, which David was required to procure for his role as a lay steward at Windsor castle.

The lining design is a print of a large scale Ordnance Survey map, dating from the mid 19th century, covering the area around Newcastle Central Station long before the King Edward Bridge was built. The scale and detail of the map was such as to enable one to see actual use made of the individual rooms on the plan of Newcastle Central Station.

David explained the process involved of transferring the map from the old drawing to a modern DVD and them finding a suitable tailor to have the map transferred to the lining material followed by having the jacket made up. The map and the clawhammer coat were also on display.

Following a number of questions and discussion of the detail of the maps, the chairman proposed a vote of thanks for David’s talk.

The next meeting of the Northumbria Club will be held on December 11, at the National Liberal Club, London. Further details of the club are available at