Northumberland Wildlife Trust, Coquetdale group

The Coquetdale Branch of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust held their AGM followed by a talk given by Phil Hanmer on a ringing expedition to Querimbas National Park in Mozambique.

Sadly it was not that well attended as the talk was fascinating and extremely well illustrated with photos taken at close range of many birds while they were being measured and ringed.

This expedition was trying to set up a ringing scheme whereby all the data and information was sent to Cape Town University in order to find out more about the birds’ habits.

This trip to Querimbas, first to the colonial farmstead at Mareja and then to the island of Ibo will be done annually.

The main point of the expedition to Ibo was to ring the crab plovers which are very rare and migrate from Mozambique to South Africa.

Phil was part of this ringing team and his photos of many types of kingfisher including the pygmy and swallow tailed were wonderful. On Ibo he encountered among others, whimbrels, plovers, godwits and sanderlings as in Northumberland! The sand plover he saw in North Uist he met again in Mozambique which shows how far the birds migrate.

They saw many species of birds but also bats and lizards.

The next talk will be in September.