Northumberland Wildlife Trust, Coquetdale

The Coquetdale members group of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust had a very well-attended and fascinating talk on Northumberland’s Wildlife Wonders by John Steele, in the Jubilee Hall.

John talked about his personal journey of discovery and also the importance of going to look at things and really seeing them.

He talked with passion about many of the birds one finds in Northumberland including the eider ducks, Arctic terns, puffins and fulmers.

We learnt that the first set of grey seal twins were recorded in the Farnes and that three per cent of the world population is there.

We were shown wonderful photos of sea slugs, sea anemones and star fish.

John talked about the clear night skies we have here and the possibilities of star gazing.

He talked about otters and whooper swans, black grouse which are disappearing fast, woodcock and the ghost of the forest (the goshawk).

We learnt about the importance and beauty of bogs and sphagnum moss.

It really was a very learned talk, given by someone who has truly spent many years really observing wildlife in all its splendour.

The next talk will be given by Dave Robinson and Hugo Aiken on their book, Nature in Northumberland’s Upper Coquetdale, on Monday, February 4, at 7.30pm in the Jubilee Hall, Rothbury.