Northumberland streetlight scheme more than half complete

The county council's project to replace more than 40,000 streetlamps across Northumberland has passed the halfway mark.

Friday, 10th February 2017, 4:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:49 am
The upgrade of streetlights in Northumberland.

The local authority is 22 months into a three-year contract to replace the county’s lamp-posts with more efficient LED lights in an ambitious £23million scheme which will ultimately produce overall energy savings of around 64 per cent – or around £1.3million a year.

The work is now more than halfway through, with around 24,000 new units installed and several solutions have been used to overcome some technical difficulties.

One example is the use of new ‘slipper columns’ where appropriate, which fit over the top of the stump of the old lamp-posts and are firmly concreted into the ground in the normal way. The new column meets all of the structural requirements and looks no different to a full replacement, but saves time and costs by avoiding the need to change the power supply.

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As with any major scheme, there have been some snagging issues and in Ashington, the first town in Northumberland to receive the new LED streetlights, the contractor’s initial designs were found to be inadequate and didn’t meet the required lighting levels.

Some extra work has now been carried out and the council has been working with the contractor on further modifications and new lighting designs that will resolve the problem; the work is now due to start at the end of the month which will last around 12 weeks. This remedial work is being undertaken by a separate sub-contractor to avoid any delays to the main work programme.

Council leader Grant Davey said: “These lights have made a great improvement in many areas, improving both driver and pedestrian safety, as well as delivering good levels of energy savings.

“The way major projects like this work means it is not as simple as doing every light in one town then moving to the next, it is often the case that teams will return to areas to complete the switch-over once engineering solutions are found when issues emerge.

“As we have progressed with the scheme we have come across issues with a number of types of posts and lights, including the need to improve existing or provide new power supply connections, which has meant we have had to leave these lights whilst completing the rest of the surrounding lights in an area.

“We appreciate this can be frustrating for residents who would like to see the scheme complete in their area, but we can assure people that we will be coming back to all these locations and that the vast majority of these issues now have solutions that we will be able to implement in the near future.

“Residents can be reassured we continue to take a robust approach to ensure the contractor meets their obligations to that we are doing everything we can to ensure this ambitious programme remains on track.”