Northumberland, Members entertain

The Northumbria Club held its Christmas dinner at the National Liberal Club in London on Wednesday, December 9.

Chairman Ian Graham and Tim Bittlestone led the singing of Christmas carols and songs, ranging from White Christmas through Hark the Herald Angels Sing to The Twelve days of Christmas. There were also recitations of prose and poetry.

John Enwisle read from Dylan Thomas’s recollection of childhood Christmases, Fred Taylor gave a humorous story about Geordie facility with mathematics, Edith Robson brought a wintry ghost story about Jacobitism in North Northumberland, and David Boll read a poem entitled The Oxen, by Thomas Hardy.

Colin Welsh rounded off proceedings with a humorous poem about a Northumbrian man shopping for a Christmas present for his girlfriend. First he wanted to buy her a partridge, but then also fancied the perch it was on. “That’s not a perch”, said the shopkeeper. “That’s a pear tree”. Worried that the partridge is quiet, he asks if the shopkeeper has any birds that make a noise. Funnily enough, he had two calling birds, And so it went on.

Meeting dates for 2016 are March 9, a guest night; June 8, AGM; October 12; and December 7, carols and members’ tales.