Northumberland Livestock


By The Newsroom
Thursday, 7th March 2019, 5:00 am

February 21

North East Livestock Sales sold 57 prime cattle and cows and 1,246 sheep, comprising 844 hoggs and 402 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle: Lim hfrs 231p, 223p, 214p, 213p Stamford, 229p, 215p Broomhall. Angus 208p Hemscott Hill, 206p East Fleetham. BB hfrs 218p, 212p Herds House. Lim strs 216p Corneyside. Angus hfrs 1433 Craster Heugh, 1375 Sharperton Edge, 1335 Hemscott Hill. Lim hfrs 1397 Broomhall, 1352 Stamford. Lim strs 1470 Elyhaugh, 1360 Howick Scar.

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Cows: BB 1000 (126p) Embleton Mill. Lim 931 (139p) Stamford, 896 (122p) Embleton Mill. Sim 851 Hazon House. Saler 850 (118p) White House Folly.

Hoggs: Smart export hoggs again sold tremendously, others slightly dearer on the week. Overall 189p. SQQ 208p.

Top priced Beltex realised 120 from Keepwick, also a pen of Beltex from Matfen Estates made 271p per kilo.

Beltex 120 Keepwick, 107, 99.50 Watch Currock, 104 Glanton Town, 100.50, 99 East Ditchburn, 99, 97.50 Matfen Estate. Texels 109, 99 Linden Hill Head, 107, 100 Whittle, 106.50, 99 Ingoe Low Hall, 100.50 Howick Estate, 100 Intake.

Suffolks 101, 100 Brandon, East Ditchburn, 99 Berryhill. Beltex 271p, 261p, 257p, 247p, 241p Matfen Estate, 268p, 243p Watch Currock, 241p East Ditchburn, 240p Quarry House, 226p Glanton town. Texels 255p Whittle, 241p Linden Hill Head, 239p, 227p Howick Estate, 238p Intake, 236p Ingoe Low Hall, 232p, 231p Ferneybeds.

Ewes: All classes sharply away to a similar trade. Overall average £66.

Texels 104 Preston Mains, 100 Keepwick, 94, 92 Glororum, 92 Windyside. Beltex 100, 91, 90 Glanton, 100 Keepwick. Suffolks 108 Rosebrough, 100 Preston Mains, 94 Glororum, 92 Newton. Cheviots 88 Preston Mains, 70 Park Farm. Chev/Mules 84 Glanton, Intake, 78 Park Farm. Mules 70 Lowsteads, 67 Well House, 66 West Newtown. Black Face 63 Cragside, 50 Boulmer Hall, Blagdon Burn. Beltex rams 110 Glanton.