Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 14th March 2019, 5:00 am

February 28

North East Livestock Sales sold 55 prime cattle and cows and 1,418 sheep, comprising 975 hoggs and 443 cast ewes and rams.

Cattle: Handy, butcher’s types still good to sell, overweights steady.

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Lim hfrs 236p, 226p, 212p Chibburn, 221p Thornham Hill, 218p, 215p Broom Hall. BB hfrs 218p, 214p Herds House, 210p Blagdon Burn. Angus hfrs 211p Tritlington.

Lim hfrs 1487 Herds House, 1400 Elyhaugh, 1300 Chibburn. Angus hfrs 1312, 1282 Craster Heugh, 1304 Sharperton Edge, 1275 Tritlington. Lim strs 1350 Thornham Hill. Angus strs 1322, 1310 Sharperton Edge.

Lim Bull 198p, 1323 Howick Seahouses.

Cows: A nice commercial show realising similar rates.

BB 972, 895 (120p, 118p) Chibburn, 963, 926 (120p (two)) Annstead, 866 Tritlington. Lim x 965 (118p) Chibburn.

Aged Lim bull 1206 (130p) Herds House.

Hoggs: Handy weight, shapely hoggs dearer. Heavies and commercials a touch cheaper. Overall average 185p. SQQ 214p.

Sale topped with a pen of Beltex 42k, £115 Grangemoor to Yorkshire Meat, followed by a pen of 42k, £111 Watch Currock to Vivers Scotlamb.

Beltex 109.50, 108.50, 100 Grangemoor, 105, 104 The Fawns, 100 Watch Currock, 99 Low Town, Howick Scar, 98 East Ditchburn, South Bellshill. Texels 111, 99 Swarland Old Hall, 108, 100, 99 Ingoe Low Hall, 104, 100 Intake, 104, 99 Newham Hagg, 103, 101 Make Me Rich, 100 Trewhitt Steads, 98 Grangemoor. Char x 100 Pasture House, 98 Berryhill, Annstead.

Beltex 274p, 260p, 255p, 252p Grangemoor, 267p, 250p, 246p The Fawns, 264p, 247p Watch Currock, 261p Low Town, 241p Howick Scar, 239p Annstead. Texels 257p, 238p Ingoe Low Hall, 254p, 241p, 236p Newham Hagg, 240p, 238p Intake, 238p The Fawns, 235p Make Me Rich, 233p Berryhill, 231p Chathill, 230p Clifton Lane.

Ewes: Heavies a similar trade, hill and lean ewes more plentiful and dearer. Overall average £64.

Texels 110 Trewhitt Steads, 108, 100 Bygate, 100 Unthank, Berichon 119, 118 East Trewick. Beltex 118 Annstead, 94 Preston Mains, 91 Bygate. Suffolk 96 Preston Mains, 95 Bygate, 93, 91 Stamford, 92 Yetlington, 90 Braeside, Make Me Rich.

Cheviot 85 Park Farm, 81 Preston Mains. Chev/Mule 78 Park Farm. Lleyn 81 Thistleyhaugh. Mules 73 Redsteads, 70 Braeside, 67 Goswick. Black Face 54 Hope Farm, 50 Lane Head. Swale 57, 45 Hedgeley, 49 Rawfoot.

Texel rams 104 Low Town, 100 East Trewick. Suff rams 100 Bank Top.