Northumberland Livestock


February 4

North East Livestock Sales sold 73 prime cattle, including 19 cast cows and 1,651 sheep, comprising 1,167 hoggs and 484 cast ewes.

Hoggs: A strong trade for all fit sheep. Heavies averaged 184p, SQQ 189p.

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Suffolk x 109 East Ditchburn, 106, 103 Newham Hall, 105 Elilaw, 103 Redsteads, 100.50 South Side. Texel 108, 104, 101.50 Clarabad Mill, 106.50, 105.50, 101 Corneyside, 105, 104 Earsdon East, 102 Newham Hagg, 101.50 Homilton.

Beltex x 105 Pasture House, 103.50, 102 Homilton, 102.50 St Margarets. Beltex 219p, 204p Pasture House, 208p Homilton, 203p Howick Scar. Texel 210p, 208p, 205p Linden Hill Head, 206p, 204p, 203p Corneyside, 205p, 200p Ulgham Fence. Charolais 204p East Coldside, 202p Ferneybeds. Cheviot x 200p South Side, East Ditchburn.

Ewes: A good show of fit ewes, dearer to average £74.

Pure Suffolk 120, 112 Brinkburn Newhouses, 118, 116 Nesbit, 114 Herds House, 104 Edlingham Demesne, 90 Charlton Mires. Texels 116 (two) Preston Mains, 96 Tughal Grange, 94 Brinkburn Newhouses, 92 Clarabad Mill, 90 Newton Red House, Edlingham Demesne, Nesbit. Beltex 94 Oakdene Grange, 90 Watch Hill, Embleton Steads. Charolais 90 East Wingates. Half Bred 89.50, 85 Nesbit, 89 St Margarets. Mules 70.50 West Raw, 69.50 Edlingham Demesne, 69 The Peels, Tughal Grange, East Coldside. Black Face 66 West Raw, 64 Clarabad Mill, 63 West Hills. Swale 57 Donkin Rigg. Texel Rams 114 Herds House. Leic Rams 104 West Raw.

Cattle: Another show of mainly out of spec sorts, but everything a similar trade.

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Lim hfrs 219.5p Blagdon Burn, 213.5p Chibburn, 209.5p Make Me Rich. Angus hfrs 210.5p, 208.5p Hall Farm. Sim x hfrs 206.5p Whitemire. Lim strs 209.5p (two) South Acton, 202.5p Make Me Rich. Lim strs 1417, 1392, 1344 Blagdon Burn, 1416 South Acton, 1395 Chibburn, 1384, 1357 Eslington Park. Lim hfrs 1328 Make Me Rich, 1328 Chibburn, 1321 East Coldside, 1285 Whitemire.

Cows: More lean sorts forward, overall average 104p.

Limousin 991, 872 (123.5p, 110.5p) Make Me Rich, BB 887 (111.5p) Woodwell. Simmental 793 Lucker. Sim x 132.5p, 122.5p (two), 117.5p, 115.5p Lucker.

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