Northumberland Livestock


February 24

At Wooler on Wednesday, February 24 Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly Primestock sale of sheep. Sold 474 hoggs and 253 ewes and rams.

Hogg numbers again tight, but all classes keenly sought after, more needed.

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Hoggs per Head: Suffolk: £102.50 (two) Brandon, £96 Kettleburn, £92.50 North Lyham. Texel: £95.50 Kettleburn, £95 Hartside, £90 Ladykirk. Mule: £93 Ladykirk. Vendeen: £95 North Lyham, £91.50 South Lyham. Beltex: £90 Ladykirk. Cheviot: £82.50 North Lyham, £80 South Ord.

Hoggs per kg: Beltex: 197.5p (two), 195.7p, 192.5p Ladykirk. Texel: 196.4p Eglingham Moor, 195.7p Teviotdale, 195.2p Eglingham Moor, 195p Newstead, 194.9p Kettleburn, 193.8p Hoppen Hall, 192.7p Ladykirk, 192.3p Newstead, 190.6p Hoppen Hall, 190p Hedgeley Farms. Vendeen: 192.8p North Lyham. Suffolk: 191.1p North Lyham, 195.1p South Ord.

Ewes the poorest show for weeks, but all classes again meeting unprecedented demand.

Ewes: Suffolk: £101 Wandon, £100 Edlingham Newtown, £95, £90 (2) Wandon. Texel: £96 Chatton Park. Mule: £86 South Lyham, £84 Shawbraes, £83 Edlingham Newtown, £81 Chatton Park. Cheviot: £80 Linhope. Blackface: £79 Edlingham Newtown, £75 Ingram.

Rams: Texel: £116 Shawbraes.

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