Northumberland Livestock


March 22

Harrison and Hetherington held their fortnightly store sale. Sold 192 store cattle.

A good show of cattle were presented to a packed ring of buyers. A slight ease was seen on the fortnight, which was a reflection on the finished product. All vendors happy and more numbers are needed to satisfy demand.

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Steers per Head: Limousin: £1180, £1030, £1000 Trewhitt Steads, £1120, £1110, £1000, £980, £950, £940 Newham Hall, £970 Fawdon Farms, £915 Branton Eastside. Aberdeen Angus: £1100 (two), £1040 Abberwick and East Bolton, £950 Kentstone and Abberwick and East Bolton. Charolais: £1000, £910, £890 (two) Fawdon Farms. Simmental: £945, £890 Edlingham Demesne, £900 Lanton Estate.

Heifers per Head: Aberdeen Angus: £1020 Lucker Hall, £1000, £910 Abberwick and East Bolton. Charolais: £880, £870 Tower Martin, £860, £850 Fawdon Farms. Limousin: £850 Branton Eastside, £850, £830 Fawdon Farms.

Steers per kg: Limousin: 247.3p, 220.8p Branton Eastside, 245.7p, 240.9p Prendwick, 236.6p, 222.5p Fawdon Farms. Simmental: 245.5p, 239.2p Edlingham Demesne. Charolais: 233p, 224.7p, 222.5p, 221.9p, 220.8p, 220.3p Fawdon Farms. Aberdeen Angus: 228.8p Prendwick.

Heifers per kg: Limousin: 236.8p, 224.3p Branton Eastside, 229.7p Fawdon Farms. Charolais: 219.2p, 217.9p Fawdon Farms.

March 23

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Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep. Sold 281 hoggs and 111 ewes and rams.

A small show of Hoggs, but also the largest amount of grazing types forward this season. Flesh and quality again easily cashed.

Hoggs per Head: Suffolk: £95 (two), £88 Brandon. Texel: £88 Yetlington Lane, £87 Edlingham Newtown, £85 Mindrum Farming Co and 8 Mordington, £84 Fowberry Moor, £82 Ladykirk, £80 (two) Moorlaws. Bluefaced Leicester: £83 Edlingham Newtown. Blackfaced: £81.50 Edlingham Newtown.

Hoggs per kg: Texel: 200p, 192.9p Ladykirk, 194.3p, 189.2p Yetlington Lane, 188.9p Mindrum Farming Co.

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188.2p, 187p Moorlaws, 185.3p Yetlington Lane. Suffolk: 191.3p Brandon.

Ewe numbers tight but again dear,

Ewes: Texel: £124 Lorbottle, £115, £114 Southfield, Seahouses, £100, £92.50 Fowberry Moor, £91.50 Lorbottle. Suffolk: £95.50 Southfield, £92 Fowberry Moor, £90 (2) Lochside. Bluefaced Leicester: £96 Edlingham Newtown. Zwartble: £90 Goswick. Mule: £89.50 Lorbottle, £89 Primside, £85.50 Edlingham Newtown, £83.50, £80.50 Goswick, £83 Shotton.

Rams: Texel: £137. Bluefaced Leicester: £129. Suffolk: £109 Edlingham Newtown.