Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 14th April 2016, 5:00 am

April 6

Harrison and Hetherington held its weekly primestock sale of sheep. Sold 228 hoggs and 40 ewes.

Hoggs slightly more numerous with a large proportion of hill types on offer, trade remaining buoyant.

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Hoggs per Head: Texel: £100 Crunklaw, £86 Elwick, £85 Ford Westfield and Ladykirk, £82 Ford Westfield and Ladykirk, £81 Ladykirk, £80 Elwick. Suffolk: £83.50 Ford Westfield, £80 West Longridge. Mule: £81 Ladykirk. Cheviot: £80.50, £80 (two) West Longridge. Blackfaced: £76.50 Moorlaws, £76 West Longridge.

Hoggs per kg: Beltex: 210.8p Ladykirk. Texel: 205.1p Elwick, 197.4p, 195p, 190.7p Ladykirk. Cheviot: 202.5p, 196p West Longridge. Blackfaced: 185.4p West Longridge.

Ewes in very short supply.

Ewes: Texel: £128 Crunklaw, £99 Netherton Northside. Suffolk: £110 Castlelaw, £102 Fenham Hill. Mule: £85 Castlelaw, £83 Moorlaws.