Northumberland Livestock


June 2

North East Livestock Sales sold 42 prime cattle, including nine cows and six bulls, and 1,192 sheep, comprising 512 lambs, 284 hoggs and 396 cast ewes.

Cattle: Cattle again in short supply, with quality a nice trade.

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The sale was topped with two Belgian Blue heifers from Herds House 215.5p, 213.5p.

Lim Strs 206.5p, Blagdon Burn, 203.5p Widdrington, 200.5p Earsdon East, 198.5p Make Me Rich. Char Strs 195.5p, Earsdon East. Lim Strs 1424, 1369 Blagdon Burn, 1396 East Coldside, 1375 Widdrington, 1329 Make Me Rich. AA Strs 1275, 1268 South East. Lim Hfrs 1145 Ferney Beds.

Bulls 1118 Earsdon East, 1065 Low Burradon.

Cows: Lim x 123.5p, 121.5p Make Me Rich, Bel Blue 116.5p Herds House, Shorthorn x 111.5p Howick Scar.

Lambs: A good quality show, with heavy lambs again realising good values.

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Texels 105 Old Deanham, 102, 100 Gallowmoor, 100.50 Old Deanham, 101 South Carter Moor, 100 Stone Croft & Redsteads, 98.50 Brinkburn Newhouses & Grange House Farm.

Beltex 98 Old Deanham & Moralees. Suff x 98 Rugley. Char x 97 Burn Houses. Beltex 220 Old Deanham, 213 Stonecroft, 208 Crammond Hill.

Tex 214 Low Steads, 213 South Carter Moor, 213 Boulmer Hall & Blagdon Burn, 211 Pigdon. Suff x 210 Nesbit, 209 Low Steads, 206 Brinkburn Newhouses.

Hoggs: A mixed show, with fleshed hoggs still finding a good trade.

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Texels: 103 Brinkburn Newhouses, 100 Wooden, 100 Angerton Broom House. Chev x 97 Hemscott Hill. Suff x 98, 97 Wooden, 95 West Newton, 94 Angerton Broom Hse.

Ewes: More ewes forward on the week, but overall easier.

Tex Rams 118 Tilesheds. NC Chev Ewes 104 Broomford.

Texel Ewes 100 Edlingham Dem & Pigdon, 97 Low Burradon. Char Ewes 94 South Field. Suff Ewes 94 South Field, 92 White House Folly, 90, Brinkburn Newhouses, 90 Edlingham Demesne, 88 Newham Hall.

Mules 74 Brinkburn Newhouses, 76 Grange Moor 70 South Wingates. BF Ewes 67 Humbleton.