Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 23rd June 2016, 5:00 am

June 13

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep.

Sold 913 Lambs, 92 Hoggs and Young Sheep and 392 Ewes and Rams.

All classes of lambs easier on the week in keeping with national trend.

Lambs per Head: Texel: £85 Chesterhill, £80 West Farm, Belford. Suffolk: £80 Edlingham Newtown. Beltex: £78 Chillingham Home Farm.

Lambs per kg: Beltex: 200p, 195p, 192.2p, 189.3p Chillingham Home Farm. Texel: 187.5p West Hall, Belford, 182.5p Village Farm, Seahouses.

Hoggs and Young Sheep a good trade – Leading Prices:- Per Head: Texel: £74.50 Tughall, £71.50 Ladykirk. Suffolk: £72, £69.50 Wandon. Per kg: Texel: 176.3p Teviotdale, 169p, 165.3p, 163.6p (three) Ladykirk.

Ewes again dear for a strong show. Ewes: Texel: £109 Wrangham East, £106 Edlingham Newtown. Suffolk: £95 Shipley Lane, £93 Edlingham Newtown. Zwartble: £89 Wrangham East. Charolais: £93 Wrangham East. Half Bred: £77 Barelees. Cheviot: £73.50 Humbleheugh. Mule: £67.50 Middle Ord, £66.50 Cresswell Farms.

Ram: Blackfaced: £86 Edlingham Newtown.