Northumberland Livestock


July 7

North East Livestock Sales sold 56 prime cattle, including 12 cows and 1,854 sheep, comprising 1,650 lambs, 22 hoggs and 182 cast ewes.

Cattle: Cattle again in strong demand, with local butchers making the trade for quality cattle. Topping the sale this week with some outstanding Angus hfrs was GS Grey & Son, The Heugh 223.5p (1519), AA Hfrs 223.5p, The Heugh, Lim hfrs 221.5p South Bells Hill, 216.5p, 213.5p Blagdon Burn, 211.5p, 210.5p Whitemire, 209.5p Low Hall, Lim Bulls 194.5p Widdrington, Bel Blue 192.5p Herds House.

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AA Hfrs 1519, 1511 Craster Heugh, Lim Blks 1406, 1375 South Acton, 1324 South Bellshill, 1320 Whitemire, Lim Hfrs 1374 Eslington Estates, 1355 Blagdon Burn, 1353 South Bells Hill.

Cows: A mixed show again, with fleshed cows in short supply this week. Bel Blue 135.5p Startup, Saler x 127.5p Warton, AA x 122.5p Yetlington, Bel B 1157 Startup, AA 1082, 989 Yetlington.

Lambs: A fantastic show of lambs forward, with all weights in strong demand, with 1,607 lambs averaging an amazing £91.55 (SQQ 207.31p). Acklington mart is clearly the centre in Northumberland for selling quality lambs and cast ewes. Sharing the honours for top prices this week were noted consignors Chris Manners, Chevington Moor, and Michael Jordan, Herds House with pens of outstanding Beltex x lambs, both achieving 228p per kg.

Top price per head was from Craster Heugh at 108.50 from (Ailsa Gray). Beltex 228p Chevington Moor, 228p Herds House, 220p Berwick Hill, 220p The Dene, 217p South Broomford, 215p Watch Hill, Tex lambs 219p Yetlington, 216p North Swinhoe, 215p Low Steads, 215p Stone Croft, 215p West Bolton 215p Pigdon, Vendeen x Lambs 219p Yetlington, 216p North Swinhoe, 213p Buston, 213p Nesbit, 210p Howlett Hall.

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Tex Lambs 108.50 Craster Heugh, 106 Thrunton Red House, 105.50 Fenham Hill, 104.50 Low Hall, 103.50 Blagdon Burn, 103 The Heugh, 103 East Coldside, 103 Widdrington, 102 Cresent Farm, Suff Lambs 99.50 Make Me Rich, 99.50 East Coldside, 99 Low Hall, 99 Fenham Hill, 98.50 Howlett Hall, 98.50 Nesbit. Char x lambs 93.50 Tritlington Hall, 93 North Swinhoe, 92.50 Causey Park Fms.

Ewes: Smaller show forward, but lean still in good demand, with 182 ewes averaging £82.26. Texels 129 (K Young) Harbottle Grange, 118 South Broomford, 108 Thrunton. Suffolk x HB 99 Widdrington, 95 Chevington Moor, 94 South Broomford, Suff x 90 Lowsteads, 90 South Ryal, Beltex x 86 Woodwell, 80 Pigdon, Mules 70 South Carter Moor, 68 Bainbridge Farms, BF 64 Thrunton, 64 Donkin Rigg, Texel rams 124, 118 Pigdon (G Morley), 112 Woodwell, 94 Chevington Moor.

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