Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 21st July 2016, 8:18 am
Updated Thursday, 21st July 2016, 9:19 am

July 14

North East Livestock Sales sold 60 prime cattle, including nine cows and 2,479 sheep, comprising 2,105 lambs and 374 cast ewes at the Summer Show and Sale.

Cattle: Judge Colin Snowdon Seaham awarded best beast to a smart home bred Limousin steer from EA Storey & Sons, Startup, and realising £1381 @ 225.5p to C Siswick. Second Lim str £1300 @ 211.5p W Curry & Sons, Howick Scar also to C Siswick. First Lim hfr £1211 @ 223.5p IE & JH Brown, South Bellshill to R Martin, Morpeth. Second Lim hfr £1337 @ 234.5p IE & JH Brown, South Bellshill to R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick.

Other Prices: BB hfrs 235.5p, 234.5p South Bellshill, 219.5p Burnhouse, Lim hfrs 223.5p, 214.5p South Bellshill, 217.5p Oakdene, 209.5p Howick Scar, Char hfrs 208.5p Craster, Ang hfrs 224.5p, 221.5p Craster, 222.5p, 219.5p Burnhouse, Lim strs 214.5p Earsdon East, 213.5p, 207.5p Chibburn, 207.5p South Acton, 204.5p East Coldside, Lim bulls 193.5p, 192.5p Blagdon Burn, 188.5p Elyhaugh. Lim strs 1382, 1351 South Acton, 1380 Chibburn, 1344, 1337 Earsdon East, Angus hfrs 1504, 1471 Burnhouse, 1450, 1263 Craster, Lim hfrs 1337, 1326 South Bellshill, 1266, 1264 Craster, 1257 Oakdene, Lim bulls 1240 Elyhaugh.

Cows: Similar good rates for a plainer show.

Simmental 986 (123.5p) Hazon House, BB 964, 884 (133.5p, 120.5p) Woodwell, Here 962, 846 (118.5p, 114.5p) Hazon House, Angus bull 1353 (113.5p) Hauxley.

Lambs: The show was ably judged by C Siswick, who awarded the championship to F Mellor for an excellent pen of light Beltex @ £98 (40k) to J Curle, Bowsden. Second light Beltex £83 (36k) G Ions & Sons, Hemelspeth, to A Atkinson Livestock. First heavy Beltex £95 (41k) C Mellor, Annsteads, to J&B Fitton Ltd, Oldham. Second heavy Beltex £93 (44k) G Ions & Sons, Hemelspeth, to A Atkinson Livestock. First light Texel £89 (42k) D J Ashbridge, Wingates Moor to J Curle, second light Texel £86 (40k) D&J Scott, Stonecroft, to J&B Fitton Ltd, first heavy Texel £92 (46k) to W Thomson & Son, East Trewick, to Cleveland Meat Co, second heavy Texel £99.50 (50k) GS Grey & Son, Craster Heugh to A Atkinson Livestock.

Other Prices: More lightweights forward, cashing in on recent good rates, with the whole sale averaging £85.10 (198p).

Texels 107, 101, 95 Branton East Side, 101, 98.50, 95 Howick Estate, 100, 99.50, 99 Craster Heugh, 99.50, 97 South Bellshill, 98.50 Thrunton Red House, South Charlton, 98 South Carter Moor, Beltex 107 Redsteads, 99, 96.50 Bothal Barns, 98, 95, 94.50 Annsteads, 96.50 Nesbit, 96.50 Watch Hill, 95.50 Howick Scar, Suffolk 101 Dovecote, 99.50 Chevington Moor, 97, 96 Nesbit, 95 Branton East Side, Sharperton Edge, South Bellshill. Beltex 245p, 238p, 232p, 229p, 225p Annstead, 231p Hemelspeth, 229p Howick Scar, 218p Redsteads, 216p, 215p Chevington Moor, 215p Cramond Hill, Texels 223p, 220p, 219p, 217p Annsteads, 215p Stonecroft, 214p Bothal Barns, Nesbit, Howick Estates, 213p Bankfoot.

Ewes: All classes another strong trade, with more lighter ewes about. The sale averaged £76 overall. Suffolks 113, 100 Nesbit, 92 Lawfield, Cockburnspath, 90, 88 Broom Hall, Texels 99, 91, 88 Broom Hall, 98 Nesbit, 95 Houndalee, 92 Preston Mains, Lawfield, 88 Whittingham Grange, HB 92 Nesbit, Char 87 Lawfield, 86 Clifton Lane, 85 Thompsons Walls, Romney 71, 70 Thompsons Walls, 67

Lawfield, Blagdon Burn, Beltex rams 96 Oakdene, 86 Mitford Steads.