Northumberland Livestock


By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th September 2016, 10:04 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 3:35 pm

September 8

North East Livestock Sales sold 49 cattle, including six cows, 2,387 lambs and 469 cast ewes.


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A nice show forward, maintaining recent rates.

Angus hfrs 225p, 219p Southfield, Lim Hfrs 222.5p East Coldside, 215.5p Blagdon Burn, Lim Strs 219.5p Startup, 211.5p South Bells Hill, 207.5p South East, Lim Strs 1448, 1424 South East, 1387 Startup, 1367 South Bells Hill, 1366 Bilton Barns, Angus Hfrs 1389 Southfield, 1313 Burnhouse, Lim 1300 Burn House.

Cows 821 Newton Greens.


Numbers similar week on week, with the overall average staying very similar. Heavy lambs still showing the most money.

Leading the sale with some outstanding heavy Texel lambs 100.50 Homilton, 100 Felton Demesne, 99 Blagdon Burn, 97 South Bells Hill, 97 East Ditchburn (D Turner), 96 East Trewick, 95.50 South Charlton (M Hall), 95 Whittle Farm. Suff Lambs 96 Redsteads (J Young), 94 Craster Heugh, 94 Tosson Tower, Beltex Lambs 94 Howick Scar, 94 Corneyside, 90 Watch Hill, 88.50 Herds house.

Beltex x lambs 226p Make Me Rich, 219p Corneyside, 218p Howick Scar, 213p Wingates Moor, 211p Herds House.

Texel lambs 210p South Carter Moor, 209p Watch Hill, 209p Matfen Home Farm, 205p Stanton, Suff x 199p South Broomford, 196p Craster Heugh, 196p Howick Estates, 195p Southside.


Ewes still maintaining similar rates.

Char Ram 94 Southfield, Suff Ram 88 Brotherwick, Suff Ewes 89 Howick Estates, 88 West Lane End, 87 Thirston, 85 Percy Farms. Texel x 88 East Trewick, 87 Matfen Home Farm, 86 Stonecroft, 85 South Broomford. Mule Ewes 68 South Broom Ford, 66 Make Me Rich.