Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 17th November 2016, 05:00 am

November 9

November Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale of sheep. Sold 584 Lambs and 306 Ewes.

Lamb numbers tight, vendors looking for a trade rise, sellers receiving returns above nationwide levels.

Lambs per head: Texel: £96.50 Black Heddon, £91.50 South Ditchburn, £90 Kettleburn. Suffolk: £87.50, £82 Castlelaw, £80, £78 Kettleburn. Beltex: £80 Lorbottle and Ashcraig, Selkirk.

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Lambs per kg: Beltex: 200p Lorbottle. Texel: 192.6p, 187.5p, 185.4p Ladykirk, 182.9p Black Heddon, 182.5p, 180.5p Elwick, 181.3p Lorbottle. Suffolk: 174.4p, 173.1p Lilburn Estates.

Ewes a classier, fleshy show shown in vendors returns.

Ewes: Texel: £122 Edlingham Newtown, £96 Ladykirk, £93 Yetlington Lane, £87 Haugh Head, £85 Edlingham Newtown, £83 Ladykirk. Suffolk: £97, £95, £89 Wandon, £90.50 Haugh Head, £84 Edlingham Newtown, £83.50 Kettleburn, £82 Ladykirk. Charolais: £89 Wandon. Mule: £68 Castlelaw and Edlingham Newtown. Blackfaced: £58.50 Overacres, £57 Edlingham Newtown.