Northumberland Livestock


November 22

Harrison and Hetherington held its fortnightly sale of store cattle. Sold 59 store cattle.

A smaller show for the last sale of the season, but with plenty of buyers present, returns were well above expectations.

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Leading Prices per Head: Steers: Simmental: £1095, £1050, £1020, £960, £945, £940 Chatton Park. Charolais: £1090, £1000, £960 Brandon. Limousin: £970 Campfield. Hereford: £960, £950, £945, £930 Chatton Park. Aberdeen Angus: £855 Prendwick.

Leading Prices Per Head: Heifers: Aberdeen Angus: £1050 South Ditchburn. Hereford: £960 Chatton Park. Simmental: £960 Chatton Park. Charolais: £890, £860 (two) Brandon.

Leading Prices per kg Steers: Limousin: 218.9p, 215p, 212.3p Campfield, 210.8p Prendwick. Simmental: 213.9p, 209p, 208.2p Chatton Park. Aberdeen Angus: 213p Prendwick. Charolais: 212.4p, 210.5p Brandon. Hereford: 209p Chatton Park.

Leading Prices per kg Heifers: Charolais: 204.6p, 202.6p Brandon. Simmental: 204.3p Chatton Park. Hereford: 204.3p Chatton Park.