Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 8th December 2016, 5:00 am

December 1

North East Livestock Sales Christmas Primestock sold 91 cattle including 20 cows and 3160 sheep comprising 2319 lambs and 841 cast ewes.

This year’s show was again kindly sponsored by Northumbria Quality Feeds and Barclays Bank.

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Cattle: The show was astutely judged by Mr F Robson, South Ryal who awarded the Championship to a classy Limousin heifer from the Renton family, High Highlaws, Morpeth weighing 530 kg @ 298p and £1578 purchased by Morpeth butchers R Martin. Second Lim hfr 227.5p Elyhaugh to R Turnbull & Sons, Alnwick. First Lim str (Reserve) 200.5p (738 kg) Earsdon East to C Siswick. SecondLim str 227.5p (692 kg) Widdrington to R Turnbull & Sons. First Angus hfr 218.5p Tritlington to C Siswick. Second Angus hfr 206.5p Burnhouse to R Green & Son, Longframlington. First Char hfr 215.5p Craster Heugh to G Chapman. Second Char hfr 213.5p Craster Heugh to F Robson. First Young Bull 209.5p Herds House to JA Jewitt Ltd.

Best Cow 159.5p (834 kg) Widdrington to A Atkinson Livestock Ltd.

Other Prices: Lim hfrs 251.5p, 220.5p High Highlaws, 235.5p, 216.5p, 215.5p Blagdon Burn, 223.5p, 217.5p Elyhaugh, 215.5p Oakdene, Lim strs 229.5p, 220.5p, 217.5p Blagdon Burn, 210.5p Proctor Steads.

Lim strs 1575 Widdrington, 1492, 1430 Blagdon Burn, 1480, 1390, 1383, 1381 Earsdon East, Angus strs 1425, 1404 Proctor Steads, Lim hfrs 1578 High Highlaws, 1330 Blagdon Burn, 1301 Elyhaugh, Char 1354, 1336 Craster Heugh, Char bulls 1362 Thrunton, 1220 Herds House.

Cows: A good show of cows were all well sold.

Char 1446 (157.5p) Thrunton, Limousin 1330, 1301 (163.5p, 159.5p) Widdrington, 1084 (176.5p) Tritlington, Angus 940 (115.5p) East Ditchburn, 865 (117.5p) Middle Coldcotes, Devons 804 (143.5p) Alndyke, 801 Preston Mains.

Lambs: Another excellent quality line up of show lambs were ably judged by Mr Ben Gray resulting in the championship awarded to F Melor, Annsteads for a cracking pen of ¾ Beltex 43 kg @ £108 to J&B Fitton Ltd, Oldham. First Light Beltex £108 C Mellor, Annstead, second Light Beltex £94.50 M & N Gray, Low Espley. First Heavy Beltex £94 C Mellor, Annstead, second Heavy Beltex £94 P Guiry & Son, Glanton Town. First Light Texel £83 J Walton & Son, Preston Mains. First Heavy Texel £90 D C Lillie, Beal Bank, 2 nd Heavy Texel £85 EA & L Jackson, Rugley. First Suffolk £85 JHC Campbell & Sons, Rosebrough, second Suffolk £86 EA & L Jackson, Rugley. First Cont £85 D C Lillie, Beal Bank, second Cont £82.50 KM Lamb, Burnhouse. First Cheviot £82 G H Dixon, East Ditchburn, second Chev £75.50 WM Davy, Warton. First Mules £74 AS Stephenson, Blagdon Burn, second Mules £65 JW Thompson & Son, Duddo Hill. Frist Black Face £77 AS Stephenson, Blagdon Burn, Dressed Pairs 94 F Mellor, Annstead. Shepherds Pairs first £90 M&N Gray, Low Espley, second A Lillie, Beal Bank.

Heaviest Lamb 93 (71 kg) Warton, second 87 (60 kg) Tosson Tower.

Best pen out of HB/Cheviot Ewe for M Laidler Cup to Cheviots from GH Dixon 47 kg £82.

Other Prices: After last weeks flyer trade settled back down to previous weeks with again more sheep being off loaded before Christmas period. SQQ 171p, heavies 158p.

Super heavy Texels 115, 110, 96 Craster Heugh, Beltex 99, 96.50, 94, 87 Annstead, 94, 90 Low Espley, 90, 87.50 Glanton, 89, 85 Matfen, 85 Hemelspeth, Texels 90.50, 90 Craster Heugh, 86.50 Newham Hall, South Carter Moor, 85.50 South Bellshill, 85 Elilaw, Suffolks 89.50 South Rennington, 85 Whittle, Gallowmoor, Warton, Rosebrough. Beltex 251p, 241p, 235p, 214p Annstead, 236p, 231p, 210p Low Espley, 220p, 219p Glanton, 217p, 202p Matfen, 214p Craster, 213p Preston Mains, Texel 208p, 200p Glanton, 203p West Hall, 199p East Ditchburn, Preston Mains, 197p South Carter Moor, 195p Whittle.

Ewes: With large numbers out locally and nationally smaller hill and leaner types again hard to cash but heavy, fleshed sorts still a good trade.

Texels 122, 108, 100 Middleton Mill, 97 Swarland, 93, 88 High Trewhitt, 91, 90 Linden Hill Head, 90 Dovecote, 88 Milbourne West, 87 South Lyham, 86 Preston Mains, Stonecroft, Suffolks 96 South Lyham, 95 Boulmer Hall, 90 East Coldside, Mules 69, 67 Linden Hill Head, 66 Low Hall, 63 East House, Suffolk rams 100 Howick Estates.