Northumberland Livestock


Thursday, 15th December 2016, 5:00 am

December 8

North East Livestock Sales sold 58 cattle and 1218 sheep comprising 734 lambs and 484 cast ewes.

Cattle: All classes dearer on the week.

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Lim hfrs 238.5p (two) Elyhaugh, 224.5p Goswick, 217.5p Blagdon Burn, 214.5p Chibburn, 210.5p Make Me Rich, Angus hfrs 209.5p Sharperton Edge, Lim strs 217.5p, 213.5p Blagdon Burn.

Lim hfrs 1388 Blagdon Burn, 1305 Chibburn, Angus hfrs 1363, 1327 Chibburn, 1262 Sharperton Edge, Lim strs 1366 Blagdon Burn.

Cows: The dearest seen for a while. Overall average 118.6p.

Angus 1272, 1013, 870 (147.5p, 143.5p) West Bolton, Sim 1214 (127.5p) Hazon House, Lim 1133 (153.5p) Goswick, 1130 (147.5p) Chibburn, 1094, 934 (145.5p, 141.5p) Make Me Rich, B Blues 983 (114.5p) East Coldside, Fries 846 West Newtown.

Lambs: Despite a large reduction in numbers, trade was similar on the week. SQQ 169p, heavies 160p.

Texels 97, 88.50, 85 Homilton, 91 Thrunton Red House, 89.50, 84.50 East Coldside, 86, 84 Howick Estate, 84 Ulgham Fence, East Link Hall, Suffolks 90 Rashercap, 84.50 Blagdon Burn, 84 South Rennington, Berryhill, 83 South Bellshill, Beltex 84 Watch Hill, Homilton.

Beltex 195p Watch Hill, 193p West Hall, Texels 185p Homilton, Causey Burn.

Ewes: Heavy and flesh dearer, small, lean and hill ewes still hard to cash.

The sale was topped by a pen of pure Suffolk ewes at £130 from South Rennington.

Texels 117 Elilaw, 96 Swarland, 95 Watch Hill, 91 Low Town, 88 West Blanerne, Suff x 100 Elilaw, 90 Bygate, Spring Hill, 88 Blagdon Burn, East Coldside, Thrunton Red House, Half Breds 93, 92 Elilaw, Char 90, 84 Spring Hill, 84 Burnhouse, Cheviot 83, 82 East Ditchburn, Beltex 84 Bygate, Mules 69 West Lane End, Elilaw, 67 Howick Estate, 65, 64 Bygate, 64 Donkin Rigg, Swales 46, 44 Donkin Rigg, Romneys 69, 65 White House Folly, Suffolk rams 100 Rashercap.